Learn to Dance - Private Lessons

We are now offering one-to-one dance lessons with the following stipulations:
  • Teacher will maintain social distance during lesson
  • Up to two people
  • Solo dancers will have to mirror
The lessons are delivered in a relaxed and friendly way with the emphasis on fun and enjoyment and are ideal for complete beginners through to advanced dancers. You will be able to choose what you want to work on or if you are unsure then you can leave it to the teacher to assist you with your choice.
Lessons are currently being held at the following venues:

BUCKLEY (Monday evening only)
The Academy Dance Hall, 21 Mold Rd, Buckley CH7 2JA

CHESTER - Rest of the week
Aspirations Studio, 87 Christleton Road, Chester CH3 5UQ

Our private studio is situated in our shop in Boughton, Chester. While it is possible to work on Ballroom style & figures it is more suited to the static styles like Latin, Tango & Swing dancing.

Please check out our COVID-19 policy document before booking >>


  • Lesson & Practice
  • £30
  • 50 Minutes
  • These sessions allow you to have 30 minutes with the teacher to work on whatever you like and then followed with a 20 minute playlist to practice the dances of your choice.
  • 30 Minute Lesson
  • Choose what you want to work
  • 20 minute practice session
  • Advanced booking required
  • Details on how to book are below
  • Lesson Only
  • £40
  • 50 Minutes
  • These 50 minute lessons allow you to focus on whatever you want to work on and you can split the time however you want to allow you to focus where you feel you need it. These are also the best suited for wedding dances or similar.
  • 50 Minute Lesson
  • Choose what you want to work
  • Advance booking required
  • Details on how to book are below


  • Step 1: Check availability on the calendar (appears below)
  • Step 2: Using the Paypal button (below the calendar) book the required lessons or block of lessons
  • Step 3: If available add the dates required in the paypal notes section.
    If not available then go to the contact page and send a message with the dates required (please provide the name on the Paypal account if different)

  • You will receive a confirmation email (can take up to 24 hours) and your lessons will be booked! Please note that we cannot refund private lesson payments but you may change your time up to 48 hours before the start time of your original lesson and there is no expiry date.
    By Booking you confirm that you have read our COVID-19 policy document and agree to follow the steps outlined within.
    Lesson & Practice Booking
    Lesson Only Booking