We have a number of sessions running each evening that will allow you to focus on the types of dances that you may be interested in. Choose the course (or courses) that you would like to attend and come along - we charge an admission of £7.50 for the evening so you can join in as little or as much as you like. Try everything at the beginning and then see which suits you the best. You are ok to join beginner courses anytime in the first few weeks. The later you join the more work that you have to put into it, if you (or your partner if you are coming with one) are nervous then we recommend that you join as close to the start date as possible.

The beginner courses constantly restart again straight after so you can do as many courses as you like until you feel confident. You are not restricted to coming on just one night as all the courses are the same so you could do week 1 on a Monday, week 2 on a Wednesday, etc.

If you have danced before then you can attend our improver courses

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